Spring Trip 2014 – Day 2 – English version


The quest for breakfast (Cote Brasserie)

I’ve been through this before. Repeatedly. Why then, did I wake up at eight, thinking I’d find somewhere to have breakfast in town? Somewhere that is not Starbucks and/or Costa preferably. I took me an hour (and several disappointments) but I finally found brasserie where I am right now.




Not that I mind the morning walk! While I was just passing by York Minster the service must have been coming to a close, because the bells were giving a proper concert. Now, I already have a nerd streak for all things medieval…. I think I’ll be dragging myself kicking and screaming from this city…I also got the chance to have a look at the open air market while they were still setting up. I don’t doubt that once it’s properly open it’ll be fantastic. Personally though, I’ve always found the preparation much more fascinating that the final product.

I ended up at the Cote Brasserie. Usually I avoid this kind of food places, but at this point I don’t have a whole lot of choices… Having just finished my breakfast, I stand pleasantly surprised. The food might have not been extraordinary, but the portions were just right, the fruit salad fresh and the toast steaming. As soon as I am done here, I’ll set off for the university campus. Everyone’s been telling me that it’s too far to walk to, but when I looked it up on the map it was only thirty minutes away. Do I look THAT out of shape?









Wuthering Campus

Logical people visit the university they’re interested in when the weather is nice. When they eventually start attending classes there, they get the shock of their lives at the first brush of bad weather. And although I agree it is a really bad idea to look for a house to rent under cover of darkness (and or hale), I will insist that a campus that looks interesting and is walkable when it’s rainy and windy, can only be better under good weather. What’s with the manifesto? Well, I have to somehow justify the fact that I spent nearly two hours wandering around campus under freezing rain.

I admit that when I decided to check the campus out I was already positively predisposed. The prospectus the university site had really done their job. Unfortunately I was not able to have a look inside any buildings (since Sunday equals all-shut-down-day around here…). Regardless, I walked the biggest part of the campus and I definitely liked what I thought.









The buildings look a lot like those at UEA, which shouldn’t surprise me since both universities were established around the same time. (Back when concrete was considered art….) York is bigger in terms of grounds, with more landscapes (is that how you call it when it’s supposed to look natural but it’s clearly not?

Personally I find it hilarious that as much of an issue we have at UEA with rabbits, so do they here with ducks… Ducks everywhere! And the nerve of them! If they see you put your hand in your pocket, they will follow you until you’ve fed them.







“Fellas, this one’s got a rucksack” We’re gonna have a feast!”


Walk with no compass

As I walked to the uni, so did I return. Of course fit or not fit, my legs were starting to complain, but I didn’t want to sit for lunch just yet. So I walked up the walls and went all the way to the river, pretending I had gone back 800 years. I usually avoid river cruises because a. I get sea sick and b. I’m a bit of a snob and this kind of cruises remind me to much of those sight-seeing buses. After mature thought I decided that there are exceptions to every rule and yes, I did get on the boat.









Hmmmm… I look a bit tired. Well, four hours of walking tend to do that. When the boat ride was done (nothing great but I needed the break) I decided that NOW I would go for lunch. Yesterday it was a pub, but today I felt like going somewhere closer to home. A quick Google and I found a restaurant which specialises at Kapadokian cooking. What’s that to do with my home? I was going for Mediterranean but not pizza related. The moment you see pizza on a menu you know you’re really in an Italian place, just under a different name…

Initially I was going to relax this afternoon, but then I realised that I am in a city with more ghost walks than inaccuracies at any given comment thread. So after debating with myself for a grand total of five minutes (ha!) I figured I’d go for the original, meaning the guy that started this gimmick. He was a lovely guy (I’ve got his leaflet somewhere, I just can’t be bother to find right now), stories, but he also knew quite a lot historical trivia (of the horrible histories variety). Very interesting indeed. Unfortunately he did not return us from the route we took at first and I ended up a bit lost until I found the minster and was able to orient myself. And as I said yesterday: haunted town + darkness = scaaaaaaryyyyy!

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