Spring Trip 2014 – Day 6 – English Version


I realised this morning that I have been unfair to Bangor. York, well I loved it, and I suppose part of me did not want to like any of the other places I would visit as much. Which is not only immature and crazy on my mind’s part, it is also strategically stupid. Let’s be pragmatic, I will have to apply to at least three universities if I want to be secure on my postgraduate prospects. Rejecting a place just because I fancied another city better is silly. So having drunk my mocha and chastised myself appropriately, I started my official (and hopefully less prejudiced) exploration.

I still fail to understand the logic behind Bangor’s development. But, after plenty of walking, I found some rather beautiful neighbourhoods. I also found the inevitable curse of building on a hill side: steep roads, lots of them, as common as the lack of proper signposting. What is it with this country and their distaste for little plaques saying “You are still on road so-and-so”? I also found an impressively long market. What do I mean by long? I mean that nearly all the shops were in the same pedestrianized road, something that makes tourists, no doubt, very happy.

I’m not sure how many kilometres I walked, but I covered the biggest part of the city (no exaggeration) and about half the length of the coastal road before I walked to the hotel. Speaking of coasts, it’s such a pity this lot hasn’t taken better care of theirs. It could have been gorgeous in the summer (though probably too cold for swimming). Now the beach is full of rubbish and the water is so visibly polluted in some areas that it looks more like soup gone bad that sea. And no, it’s not mud. I know the look of muddy-but-still-clean sea that is not It.

I returned to the hotel intending to lay down for a bit (I might have got a bit of a sunstroke, not sure) and I think we all know how short those bits tend to be. Not the intended half hour at any rate. I haven’t even packed yet! Shame on me!

I think, I’ll sign out for the night. Honestly, there’s nothing thrilling to talk about, and if I start rambling about architecture and landscaping we’ll be here until the day after. Next report will be coming from Birmingham, so I’ll see you all there!

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