Spring Trip 2014 – Day 11 – English Version


Earlier today I wrote that as long as I am in Nottingham I will be posting in a day-late schedule. Considering however how much my feet hurt right now, I decided to chill at Starbucks for a while before walking back to the hotel. As for the background change…I wanted something more summer-y now that the sun has been shining even in England. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, here is my day:

Remember my gleeful ranting about my hotel? Yeah, the points still stand but the other proverbial shoe has dropped: the Wi-Fi works only at the bar. Not only that, but their provider has decided to block WordPress because…reasons…We don’t ask and you shouldn’t either! Off I went to Starbucks for a coffee and to upload last night’s post and after that let the walking commence! I’m sure there’s a direct bus link with the campus (in fact several buses passed my on the way) but unless I walk an area I will never learn it. Not that I didn’t almost get lost or anything. My wander was nice however, Nottingham is much bigger than I expected but still well-kept. I know it sounds like I’m talking about a pet or a garden but it’s the best comparison I can think off. And with all those parks I think it’s rather apt.

I checked two of the university’s campuses (I’m pretty sure there’s a third one tucked away somewhere) and overall I’m pretty satisfied. The ground area is large, larger even than the Birmingham campus I dare say, but both the grounds and the buildings look good. Yeah, I think my potential uni master list looks like this, right about now:

  1. York
  2. Nottingham
  3. Birmingham
  4. Bangor

I want to check Edinburgh as well, but that will have to wait until I have money to travel again. Maybe sometime come December or January. We’ll see.

When I had finally seen all that I could see (and my feet were beginning to protest) I turned to walk back to town. Do I discern a self-destructing (or at least shoe-murdering) pattern here? Or at least I thought I was walking back to town. Thank goodness I asked for directions! Turns out I had been leaving Nottingham behind and was steadily heading for another town. My old fear of walking to a completely different city by accident nearly came true! I wanted to take advantage of the sun and wander around for a little longer, but after nearly eleven kilometres (seven miles for you Brits!) I couldn’t even stand anymore.

Hence my pit stop at Starbucks, this post and my plans with a bubble bath as soon as I can crawl back to the hotel. See you tomorrow with more news from Nottingham!

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