Stratford High


Stratford High, run by an eccentric literature professor named William Shakespeare is an explosive cocktail of figures and characters with distinctive personality traits, a love for the dramatic and an irrepressible need to monologue.

Stratford High is also my pet project as I revise for my Shakespeare module exam. Each post is loosely based on the plot of the play I am currently revisiting and presented as an article for the school’s newspaper, The Folio. Some articles might come from the less reputable magazine, Quarto, but we respectfully ask the readers not to put much stock on these gossipmongers hijacking our page.

Without further Ado and in honour of Mister Shakespeare’s 450th birthday I give you Stratford High through the eyes of its students.



***Let it be without saying that this series is posted with all due respect an acknowledgement to William Shakespeare, who I’m sure would be laughing his wig off at my attempts to borrow his characters and/or plots if he could actually read them.

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