Reconstruction of the student council faces mixed reactions (by John Gaunt, editor)


Much debate had arisen lately from the near complete reconstruction of the school’s student council. What started as a debate between Secretary Henry Hereford and Treasurer Thomas Mowbray over fund allocation, soon escalated to a full scale investigation. Richard Plantagenet, the President resigned when suspicions of his involvement in some rather questionable expenses was implied. He was shortly followed in this decision by member of the council, Bushy, Bagot and Green. Professor York, who led the investigation on behalf of the Parent-Teacher Organisation, has not publicly announced his results, however, rumours amongst the student body point to last semester’s notoriously expensive Winter Formal Dance’s tickets as well as the non-refundable, cancelled senior trip to Ireland.

Elections for the new student council were held last Friday. Henry Hereford was voted President by a sweeping majority. Henry Northumberland was appointed Vice-President, William Willoughby Secretary, while Harry Percy, Piece Exton and William Ross replaced members Bushy, Bagot and Green. Of the old council only Edward Aumerle, former Vice-President was re-elected, this time in the function of Treasurer.

While the majority of the student body greeted the reconstruction enthusiastically, there is still a small function that feels the change was unnecessary. When asked, Stephen Scroop, a year 10 student, said “This whole re-arrangement was altogether unnecessary. Hereford brings nothing new to the council, nor do the new-arrivals that accompanied him. Richard’s council was only dissolved due to allegations and frankly, we all have more important things to worry about than whether the seniors get an extra vacation or not.”

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