In which I contemplate Wi-Fi


Here I am, waiting for a sign

I never seem to know, if you want me, if you lie…

So said Gabrielle (I think…) in one of her songs when her potential amore was giving her the Scottish shower treatment. And thus I am serenading a no-longer-constant aspect of my life: readily available Wi-Fi. Having relocated to the lovely island of Paros for the summer (and I mean it folks, the place is gorgeous!) I have also found myself deprived of internet. Woe is me and all that jazz. How am I posting you might ask? Well… Just because MY house doesn’t have internet doesn’t mean that internet cafes are extinct.

And no, I don’t intend to whine about my (severely) restricted access to all things web. Honestly, it’s been almost a good thing. I’ve been catching up with my reading and my writing and walking an insane amount of time. Hey, can’t blame a girl for being a little bored. Much as I ADORE Middle English there’s a limit to my powers of concentration.

-huge eruption of sound outside-

The heck?  Oh, football match strikes again… Honestly, I can’t wait until that’s over… And jeez, it wasn’t even a goal! What’s with all the yelling? Methinks I’ll never understand football. Still… Keeps the boys busy. Anyway… I’ll try to keep the posts going, maybe do another travel segment. We’ll see. Until then, see you all come Monday and don’t forget to not take life seriously!

Lia out! 😀

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