In which I shall be brief…


My head is ringing. Not in the shit-the-neighbours-are-having-a-party way but more like in the cling-clang-clattering way. You know, that steady white noise that stays in your ears and head long after you’ve left the Societies Fair behind? Yeah, it was SocFair in my uni and I just spent nearly five hours promoting one of the societies I am part of…in the same room with around a hundred and sixty other societies. We’ve got many interests here in Norwich. It was good fun and I got to talk to some really cool people (and make use of the phrase “Join us, we have brownies!” – always a good thing), but holy Mother was it noisy! We’re not even that big of university (as my Cardiff-bound brother likes to point out)! I suppose it’s a good sign we have such diverse interests (I question the need for a Real Ale Appreciation Society, but then again, I don’t like beer). Still it might have been better if we were, I don’t know, spread around campus. The weather was good, why did we have to get holed inside? And it would have kept the buzz-buzz-background-buzzing to a manageable level. On the other hand, this is England. It is entirely possible for it to rain at the drop of the proverbial hat.

Anyway, rant over, I am going to go back to watch Channel Awesome  until my ears stop ringing, my head stops buzzing and I can go to sleep. See y’all in the next rant!

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