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The complaint of Chaucer to his purse – translation


To you, my purse, and to no other sight

Do I complain, to you my lady dear.

I am sorry, you are so light;

Unless you make me heavy cheer,

I may as well be laid upon my bier;

Therefore unto your mercy now I cry,

Be heavy again, or I must die.


Now promise on this day before tis night

That I of you the blissful sound may hear

Or see you glow like the sun bright

Whose yellow colour hath no peer.

You are my life, you who my heart steer.

Queen of comfort and of good company,

Be heavy again, or I must die.


Now purse that are to me my life’s light

And saviour down on earth here,

Out of this town help me with your might,

Since you refuse to be my treasurer;

Since I am shaved as close as a friar.

But yet I pray unto your courtesy,

Be heavy again or else I die.



Oh, conqueror of Brutus’ Albion,

Who by your lineage and through free election

You are my veritable king, this song to you I send,

And you, who can all our woes amend,

Be mindful of my supplication.