Daily Archives: October 7, 2014

In which there are Halloween costumes and TV shows


I’ve had a bit of a hectic day so I figure I’d unwind by checking out Halloween costumes because, hey, Uni socials! (and also kids actually go trick-or-treating in my new neighbourhood and I need something sufficiently creepy to greet them in). Meanwhile the flatmates are watching America’s Next Top Model so we get to have a snark-fest and gush over spooky dresses at the same time. Now if only I hadn’t already fullfilled my chocolate quota for the day….

So yeah, costumes. Ugh, so many ideas! Why can’t there be more excuses to dress up weirdly/spooky over the year? And yes, if we’re gonna get serious, I am aware that fancy dress is not the ONLY reason to celebrate Halloween, but hey, the longer I stay a kid the better for everyone involved! Right now I’ve narrowed it down to Corpse Bride (the Tim Burton version), Medusa, vampire lady or Death. Yeah, expect more costume-related angst as the weeks go by (because it’s either that or freaking over my dissertation.)