N is for Naughty and Nice


Dear Santa,

…I can explain? Um, thing is, I’m not sure on which end of the spectrum I’m on this year…. I tried to be nice (mostly) but I couldn’t help finding that naughty was more fun. It’s not my fault, not really. People just don’t get me. And I know I have anger issues, but I’ve been working on it, I swear! So what if I blew up the downtown bank again? It’s practically a seasonal requirement by now, and anyway that queue was taking far too long. And the department store robbery? I’ve been short on cash and with so many henchmen and evil minions to buy presents for, I found that I had to look into alternative methods of shopping. The hallucinogen mince pies were an accident, I admit. I was going to save that for Valentine’s Day. Now I’ll just have to settle for truth serum-laced chocolates. As for my non-seasonal activities, they are all part of my job. And if you ask my army of doom, they only have good things to say for me! I made sure of it. So, could you maybe, just this once, stretch the definition of nice? I would really like a new death ray for my secret headquarters. And possibly a brownie tray. I’ve been baking far too much for the recruitment fairs.



(Evil Overlady)

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