Daily Archives: January 22, 2015

Olwen’s Throne


Olwen is wise and fair

Patient as the sea she waits.

The old giant’s hold over the land

Cannot (in truth!) last forever.

Countless do come, seeking her hand,

Their rings by her spring are left as mementos.


They were not worthy, so,

Patient she waits for the one

That will be the other half of her soul.

The one to undertake

Her father’s forty tests.

The one to who, though difficult,

They will be easy, as easy as a child’s play.


He comes to her, this fresh,

Green youth, demands that she follows,

Calls her ‘girl’ and ‘love’, does not, cannot see,

White track has lived

Far longer than his father’s line.

She will not have a husband or lover or king

That is to her not equal, nor father to her people.

Off to Ysbaddaden he’s gone, to gain his lady’s favour.


Culhwch returned triumphant.

With blood he painted his hall red.

The blood of Bencawr roars like a stream

Like the ever-turning waves of the misty Caer Sidi.

And Olwen, now queen,

With a smile leaves her father’s home,

To grant her grace over her husband’s land.

Olwen is wise and patient as the sea,

And the red garment of Sovereignty certainly suits her.