In which I’m bothered by bureaucracy


I am NOT happy. No, sirrah, not happy at all! Why you ask? Well, remember my occasional rants about paperwork (which I am fairly certain I do both here and on Facebook)? Yeah, paperwork and I go as well together as chocolate and tzatziki. (Don’t try it, it sucks!) It’s usually not a matter of filling out forms that I’m frustrated by. Rather it’s that usually a waste of time. Like, honest to goodness waste of time. Case to point, a couple of weeks ago I filled a form to get a copy of my transcripts to attach to my postgraduate applications. At the time I had a choice of paying for second-class mail and next-day delivery. The change in cost being significant and me being a broke student, I opted for the first. Hey, I thought in my foolishness, my house is thirty minutes ON FOOT from the university. Heck you could walk the envelope from campus to the area’s post office HQ and from there to my house and still have it delivered IN LESS THAN THREE HOURS. As of yesterday, I am still waiting.

But, you might say, perhaps it takes time to actually compile the transcript. Oh my poor optimist of a reader. It doesn’t. What the process involves is somebody working in the school’s office bringing up my records and doing a printout (and I check with a friend who had to do the same a while back; it’s a minute’s work at most). Then you simply stuff the thing in an envelope, right an address and off it goes. They do say it can take up to thirty days to process the request but frankly I’m stumped as to why anything needs to be processed in the first place! I was there, they had all the info they needed in the paper I had just handed them. Heck! I was the only person currently in line for anything! They could have done it on the spot but noooooo! I went there yesterday to check on the progress (seeing as I have other things I need to do over spring break rather than agonise over applications and if left to their own devises it’d be a miracle for me to get my transcripts before spring break…). First they  asked me if I needed the paper for some sort of urgent deadline. Fool that I am, I said no, I just wanted to be done with something that is extremely stressful before I need to start concentrating on my semester’s final projects. Then I was informed that my form has not even began being processed and reminded that this can take up to THIRTY FRIGGING WORKING DAYS.

Frankly, I would not be surprised if this is how the entire “processing” goes:

So yeah, not sure how soon this will be resolved, but I do have a Plan B (and a Plan C as a matter of fact) in place. Thanks for listening and stay tuned FOR THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION!



P.S. Man, I used a lot of capitals in this one, didn’t I?

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