Daily Archives: April 2, 2015

An ode to impatient students


Do you hear the students scream?

Screaming in great impatience?

Because their tutors are away

And never do what they are asked!

When the deadline’s overdue

And you haven’t seen a mark

There is no life until

An e-mail from the Hub!


Will you join in our crusade?

Will you be stubborn as can be?

Spam them with e-mails

Until they can no longer think?


Then jump the bandwagon

Of loudly complaining on FB!


Do you hear the students scream?

Screaming about their references?

It is that time of year again

For stress and forms and flattery!

When the beating at their doors

Echoes the moaning at the hubs

There is complaint about to start

When tomorrow comes!