Daily Archives: April 5, 2015

The Fun Fair


Deep in the gardens, just off the main street,

The Fun Fair has set its games once more.

They came with the morning mist,

By mid-morn they were ready,

A village’s worth of gingerbread rides.


Music and children laughing,

Donuts and sausages and cotton candy,

Gaudy bags, stuffed animals,


“Come play, everyone wins a prize!”


Wrapping paper glamour crinkling

And sparking under stage lights.

Vendors always cheerful,

“That’ll be three quid, love!”

“Come, come, try your luck!”


Later at night, when the stalls will shut down

And the lights and the music will stop for a while,

Take a walk with the wind, hear it whistle through

The rusty skeletons of rides, see the confetti

Move tiredly with the night breeze.


A few last people might amble around you,

Shutting down power supplies, cleaning fryers,

Shoulders stooping from a day’s work.

Smiles and Fun are a serious enterprise.

After all…someone has to gild the glitter.