Daily Archives: April 14, 2015



Square and rectangular, cardboard and plastic,

Labelled or clean – Does it truly matter?

Another year’s end; for me that’s July.

Another round of packing,

Another new room to make my own.


People keep asking me to set down roots,

To make long term commitments,

Register for this, sign up for that,

Find a relationship (now that would be something!).

But how can I do anything, commit to anyone

When next year, for all I know, I won’t be in the country?


I do love travelling, I wouldn’t mind living off a suitcase.

There is always the excitement (why can’t I EVER spell that word?)

Of making a house your new home. And yet,

Even as I tie loose ends and shift

Three years’ worth of memories, I wonder.

When will the last box be finally be unpacked?