Daily Archives: May 26, 2015

In which I went for a walk…


…and that warranted introspection.

Yes, your favourite rambler went for a walk. A looooooong walk. The sort of walk that starts with me aimlessly checking out shops (and being taken for a tourist in my own damn home town) and ends with long and philosophical contemplation over my lunch. The subject this time?

Travelling. What a surprise, I know. This here is my attempt to make some sense of that convoluted ramble:

I was thinking back on the family trips we’d take during Christmas. Our parents would take us to all these historical buildings and museums. Some token mumbling and grumbling might have taken place but I remember loving every second of it. Then again, I WAS the teenager that procrastinated on schoolwork by reading books, so… And yet, I think that more than any museum could ever do, what truly gave me an understanding of what a place was like was walking. Plain and simple walking. No aim, no map, no schedule. Just wandering around and taking in the sights.

I sometimes talk with fellow students and they tell me that they don’t really know the town we’ve been studying in. We’ve been here for three years! How is it possible not to learn such a small town as Norwich in three years? But I digress.

What this barely-coherent ramble is trying to say is, I’m confused. Why do people assume that randomn walking is a waste of time. Or, for the matter, what’s with that other trend of tourists walking around with their eyes glued to their touchscreens? I get it, you’re in an familiar place, you want to check a map. But all the time? I’m not exaggerating, I was stuck behind this couple yesterday for like ten minutes. Never once did they look up from the guy’s phone. I’ll let that sink with you. They were walking through the historical centre of Athens. They were practically surrounded by history. But nooooo, whatever was on that screen was more important. I just don’t get! Why freaking travel to another country if you’re not going to  see what that amazing, new place even looks like?