In which I have a theme for this summer


Lately I’ve been suffering from a rather unfortunate case of writer’s block. There’s various reasons for that (which I will save for another post) but it came down to me worrying about keeping up with my schedule since, well, no ideas=no motivation to write=missed posting dates. It doesn’t help that every summer my brain tends to shut down in an effort to recover from what I put it through over the academic year. Here I was then, moping over my lack of scheduled posts when it hit me! I could do a series of themed posts! Not a post-per-day one; I’m still trying to recover from NaPoWriMo…

So here’s how it’s gonna work for the next couple months: Tuesday posts, instead of being my usual quasi-coherent rambles will be devoted over things that I noticed during my last semester’s Arthurian Traditions module but didn’t have the time or energy to write about. Don’t expect anything incredibly serious, I am on holidays after all. It’ll be short pieces on the more bizarre things that came up during conversations or my own obsessive note-taking sessions. Hey, I’ll even give you a preview! Next week our subject will the tale of Culhwch and Olwen and how it is, in fact, a romantic teen comedy.

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