Strawberry Moon


It hums in my blood; the moon’s sudden madness,

Long before the bloodied sun has ever set.

Around me the people, they all can feel it,

And speak a bit louder, laugh a bit stronger,

And their movements, their movements are a dance.


The strawberry moon hums in my blood

And gladly I obey its calling.

Wrapping myself in a plethora of flowery sink,

Pinning a rose in my hair and crescent on my neck.

Tonight I shall be daring, shall not hide or blush;

I’m of the moon’s touched tonight.


I’ll swing my hips to the sound of drums

And lay against the sun-baked stones.

Long after Selena takes to sky,

I’ll draw the cards – to read under her light

What may or may not, what friends

And lovers and even foes

The summer tide will bear me;

All under the gaze of the strawberry moon.

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