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Avatar: Twilight of the Spirit World


Four years ago…

Today, this war is finally over.”

The genocide of the Air Nomads was too much of a disturbance to the balance to remain unpunished. So the High Council of the Spirits decided that as a punishment, no mortal shall receive aid from the Spirit World until the balance is restored…”

But you helped me a lot of times. Did you get in trouble for that?”

Ten years exile.”

Now the wait is over. It’s time for Lia to return home.

Don’t be so gloom little brother! I promise to visit soon!”

But a lot of things change in ten years. The Spirit World is falling apart and only the Avatar Spirit can restore its balance. Now the gaang must once again save the world.

All right!” Sokka rubbed his hands eagerly. “Team Avatar to the rescue!” Suki poked him on the shoulder.

Plus me and Azula.” She said dryly. Lia rolled her eyes as everyone walked through the portal.

War is coming. An army needs to be assembled and the four elemental crystals must be gathered…

Everyone turned to where Lia was sitting, looking decidedly uncomfortable.

I don’t have it.” She admitted guiltily. “When Serious passed the title on me, I didn’t feel ready to handle the crystal so I asked him to keep it.” Toph shrugged unconcerned.

So we just need to find this Serious-guy, take the crystal and move on, right?” Sokka shook his head.

Somehow I know that it will not be so simple.” He grumbled.

Travelling through the Spirit World to gather their allies they will encounter new friends and new feelings will be brought to light…

Everyone, this is the Blue Spirit!” Lia said after she released the man from her embrace.

Yo.” He said, lazily waving at the group and taking his mask of. His eyes were an electric blue and seemed to sparkle as they landed on Azula. The Princess found herself blushing as she returned his smile shyly.

And an old enemy will join them…

Agni sat up and rubbed his head, the glow receding to the crystal hanging around his neck.

Is that a way to greet people?” he complained, perfectly aware of Lia’s fireball aimed at his heart.

As tensions run high…

Just because I love him, doesn’t mean I have to trust him!”

The race to find the crystals becomes a race against time…

Lia, Katara and Toph fiddled with their crystals nervously. They had one week left to find the last crystal and meet up with the army and no clue on where to find it. The boys had wondered off to find that night’s dinner and Suki was teaching Azula cooking again. Lia’s head snapped as the fire crystal darkened.

What do you want?” she asked guardedly. Agni simply handed her a scroll.

Courtesy of the library.” He said simply before disappearing again.

And old visions come true…

Fire and lightning were raining from the sky as two armies clashed. Lia could only watch from afar as lighting tore through the air towards her dream-self, when a man jumped in front of her, taking the hit. She fell on her knees next to him, heedless of the fighting that still raged around them.

Not you too!” she sobbed as she turned him around so she could see his face…

The Spirit of Fire’s sequel, Twilight of the Spirit World…

Coming…next week!