In which I am tireeeeeeeed


Big surprise I know, but dear gods my schedule’s killing me! You know how in high school “independent study” meant free time and in an undergrad degree it mean procrastination? Yeah, no. Now it has the more pleasant connotation of “study till you drop. Then study some more.” Hence the series of late posts. Hopefully I’ll back on track by next week so I don’t end up waking early and going to bed late in order to keep up with everything.

Here’s to hoping I suppose….

Although that might explain my default mood of:

alarm clock


About liathebookworm

Hello everyone! Wellcome to what will become a mess of randomn diary entries, fanfiction, actual fiction (le gasp! art!), reviews, plugging, FANGIRLING and even the occasional introspection. Oh and που και που κάτι στα Ελληνικά για να μην γκρινιάζει η μαμά! Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I will enjoy writing.

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