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Daughters of Long Gone


A.N: This is the result of one too many staying-up-lates reading multiple mythologies at the same time. Here in particular, there’s elements of Babylonian, Greek and Norse myths, taken entirely out of context and mashed in my own very personal variation of “regardless of geographical location the bare bones of mythology remain the same”. The poem is supposed to be less of a cosmogony and more of a post-end-of-the-world scenario, but I supposed it could be taken either way. The stories that inspired it were delightfully ambiguous on the matter, probably due to several centuries/millennia of re-writes and dubious translations.

Daughters of Long-Gone

Beneath the timeless sea of ever

Yesterday’s daughters sleep and dream

And in their dreams the world they shape

Gift to the brethren that’s to come.

Covered in darkness the dragon mother

Spends an eternity at birth

Endlessly labouring for her children.

The daughters sing – the sons forget

The ancient blood-call humming

Deep in their veins that turned

From stardust to dirt.