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In which I have a theme for this summer


Lately I’ve been suffering from a rather unfortunate case of writer’s block. There’s various reasons for that (which I will save for another post) but it came down to me worrying about keeping up with my schedule since, well, no ideas=no motivation to write=missed posting dates. It doesn’t help that every summer my brain tends to shut down in an effort to recover from what I put it through over the academic year. Here I was then, moping over my lack of scheduled posts when it hit me! I could do a series of themed posts! Not a post-per-day one; I’m still trying to recover from NaPoWriMo…

So here’s how it’s gonna work for the next couple months: Tuesday posts, instead of being my usual quasi-coherent rambles will be devoted over things that I noticed during my last semester’s Arthurian Traditions module but didn’t have the time or energy to write about. Don’t expect anything incredibly serious, I am on holidays after all. It’ll be short pieces on the more bizarre things that came up during conversations or my own obsessive note-taking sessions. Hey, I’ll even give you a preview! Next week our subject will the tale of Culhwch and Olwen and how it is, in fact, a romantic teen comedy.

Milestone (200th post!!!)


Checked on the counter

And guess what I found?

Two hundred posts

With this one now!

Truly not quite the milestone

As a five year anniversary,

But hey! Go me!

I am so proud,

That I felt the need to express it

In really sucky rhyme.

So yeah, good job Bookworm,

And a big thanks to all

Who have read, or liked, or followed

For helping me roll this ball.

The Town Crier


One moment your attention, if you will!

I have an announcement to make!

Peer pressure worked its magic once again,

And NaPoWriMo I’ll be attempting.

So, no regular updates for a month,

Sorry for leaving SoF in a cliffhanger.

Clearly I have no preservation of self,

We’ve all seen what happens

When I attempt the post-per-day motif….

How long until I go coocoo this time?

I do acknowledge this is a shameless plug,

But hey! I girl has got to try!

So tune in tomorrow and every day after,

Let’s how long I’ll keep this

From being a disaster!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen…


…this is the author speaking. Because winter break + visiting family + wonky internet + nearly-burnt-out brain I will be incomunicado until my uni semester starts. Thanks to all of you who liked my posts/ left comments/ followed my blog so far, you guys are AWESOME! I will return to regular posting schedule on the 12th of January with, hopefully, fresh material, better editing skills and reinforced snarkiness. Until then, I hope you have a lovely festive season, with laughs, gifts, good company and anything and everything else that makes a Good Time.

Peace out,


Coming soon…


What is it with me and last minute announcements? I guess I’m not really in a Christmas mood yet (doesn’t help that I’ve been eaten alive by my own assignments….) But the festive season is looming among us, so, starting tomorrow and until Boxing Day, expect a Christmas-y post per day.  Why? Because there seems to be an unspoken rule that the holiday season ought to be commemorated in every facet of life and the internet is already being flooded with December/Christmas/whatevs specials. Why should I not add to the pile? 😉

In which there is travel planning


…which is significantly different than having travel plans! You make travel plans when you scroll wistfully through page after page on TripAdvisor, all the while going, “Too expensive. Too far away. Needs visa. All booked…” etc. etc. BUT! Travelling planning is what you do after you’ve booked tickets and hotel rooms and you realise you have less than 24 hours to put the house in some order and pack your bag. Which is what I should be doing right now. But never mind shoulds… Originally this post was going to be a short announcement to tell whoever is reading my blog (-insert crickets chirping-) that for the rest of this week there’ll be a small change in my posting rota.

If you’ve been around since last spring, you’ll remember that I did the whole post-a-day-travel-blog shtick while I was spending money I should have probably saved and travelling around Britain instead of revising for my exams. Frankly it was more of a challenge from me to me, to see if I could adhere to a posting schedule. It mostly worked, I’m proud to say. So, this year, I’m repeating the experience on a smaller scale. Instead of working on my dissertation (as I should) and not spending money I really can’t afford to spend, I’m spending my reading week in London!

And you, dear reader, get to read all my gripes regarding public transport, my fangirling over weird bookshops and even weirder museum exhibitions and my unabashedly unprofessional critisism of restaurants and coffee shops all over the greater London area (mostly because it won’t be a proper trip if I don’ end up on the wrong metro line and get myself to Heathrow instead of the Kensington Gardens…).  Hey, I might even upload a picture or two! Now, wouldn’t that be a treat!