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R is for Red


Oh red! My favourite colour. And apparently one of the “traditional” Christmas colours. I wonder why…. No, I’m not being sarcastic, I honestly wonder why. I get why they use it on Valentine’s Day (even if the association is incredibly morbid, if you think about it) but the only naturally Christmas-season thing (and just to be clear, I’m using “Christmas” as an umbrella term here because December-religious-celebrations sounds awful)…What was I saying? Oh, yes! The only seasonal thing that’s naturally red is the holly plant’s berries. And Santa’s outfit doesn’t count, sorry, that’s Coca Cola branding all over that image. Sorry if I just ruined somebody’s childhood.


If I had to rationalise it (bad idea) I’d say it’s because of the gloomy weather outside. Let’s be honest, in most of the Northern Hemisphere the weather right now is cold/snowy/rainy/freeze-your-toes-off/not pleasant. So what best way to stave off the blues caused by severe Vitamin D deficiency but make the inside of your house as bright and colourful as possible? Or that could be just me. It still doesn’t explain the horror that is those multi-coloured Christmas trees I saw (purple and bubble-gum pink, seriously?) but you have to admit, with as warm a colour as red, you’re bound to feel a bit better.

O is for Oh Christmas Tree


I DESPISE this song. Genially despise it. Granted there aren’t many Christmas songs I like, most of them being of the white noise variety, but I reserve a special place in my Hated Things List for “Oh Christmas Tree”.     For one, it’s absolutely pointless. Even by Christmas songs standards. And for another the lyrics are t.e.r.i.b.l.e! They are repetitive to the point making you think that you’ve read the same stanza twice, they hardly convey any messages (other than Christmas trees being evergreens and cliché. Whoop-de-bloody-whoop) and worst of all the rhyming pattern is monotonous enough to send you to sleep. And I take serious issue when it comes to rhythm and rhyme. You should have heard my rant when I read a translation of Antigone and the genius that did the job messed up the (incredibly easy to follow) meter.


Also, “No one alive spreads cheer so well”? Newsflash buster! The tree you’re serenading is either DEAD or made of PLASTIC. Unless it’s a Doctor Who episode, I think it’s unlikely the tree’s alive…. And I thought it was the gifts and copious amounts of sugar that did the cheer-spreading…