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Boy she’s slow lately….


And she doesn’t even have the “no internet” excuse! You’d think that being out of uni would allow me to post more often. Not! Sweet, sweet apathy has ensured that I am in zero mood to write (or do much of anything other than crave desserts…) As I was telling/whining to a friend a few days ago, I do not know how to function with no schedule! Give me a high panic situation and I will deliver. Give me more than three slow days in a row and you are killing me! Add to that my room being criminally cold and the heating on the house central and at the tender mercies of my landlord and I’m sure you ca imagine how well things are going.

But, you say, you’re out of uni! Shouldn’t you be working and being a serious adult and all that? I WISH! No, seriously, there’s few things I want more right now than to have to wake up with the sun and go to work. Unfortunately this will not be possible for an undetermined amount of time. Key and hated word being “undetermined”. The backchecks for my new job are taking about as long as the solar system took to form. Not only that, but the nice people in charge of the process do not feel it necessary to grace us with some sort of progress report or at least a countdown to the next phase. Meaning that I can do next to nothing, seeing as they could e-mail me tomorrow, or they could e-mail me in a month (and that’s an optimistic outlook from what I’m reading on the forums). Out of the window go therefore any and all potential temp jobs since I very much doubt anyone hires you with the adage of “may quit whenever she fancies”. So long-term projects are a no-go, short term projects are too many to pick one and I’m left kind of laying in bed, overwhelmed by everything.

And it doesn’t help that I am constantly cold. Bit hard to find motivation when you’re constantly shivering. So yeah, do excuse my absence. Believe me, it’s not cause I’m having fun….

L is for Last Christmas


No, I’m not going to do a parody of that song. For all its unbearable cheesiness and unforgivably irrelevant video clip I kinda like it. Considering how creepy most Christmas-themed songs are (Santa Baby, Baby, it’s cold outside, I’m looking at you!) at least this one is honest. From the very first, sugar-encrusted, digitally-remastered note to the fading strings at the end, it only delivers what it promises: over-the-top sentimental lyrics, repetitive music and a passably good singer. And when I say passably good, I mean the original guy, not any modern versions or remakes or what have you. I mean, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? More sentiment packed in a few days than most people sincerely (or not) express in a year, wrapped up prettily in stock phrases and bad taste ribbons and bags? Or wrapping paper. Whatever packs your presents.


No thanks to my uni assignments, I’ve been frequenting more coffee shops than what is healthy lately. Ever since the Christmas season started commercially I’ve been hearing all kinds of strange remakes. Here are some of my personal highlights:

  • The Little Drummer Boy with a drummer so enthusiastic that makes Darth Vader’s theme sound tame
  • Santa Baby sung by a male singer
  • Baby it’s Cold Outside sung by a female singer (empowering?)
  • Any version of Grandma got run over by a reindeer
  • The full version of Jingle Bells
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town (have you heard the lyrics? Actually heard them?)


Anything I should add to the list?

Message me on the comments below!