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That feeling that blankets mid-morning,

Coaxing you back to slumber

So much unlike true sleep.

Your bones of liquid lead drag you down

Your mind is heavy, yet, your thoughts fly.

This is the strange twilight time

When time is immaterial and reality an afterthought.

Reality? No, realities; so many merging together,

Descending to you in a fog.

Lucid Dream


I lay in my bed asleep

I run down a lane

Heavy breaths because of the heat

Heavy breaths, adrenalin pumping

Light streams through half-lidded eyes

Darkness crawls at the edges

My body knows I’m dreaming

My mind cannot wake up

For the briefest of moments

I am here

And there

They close in on me

It’s nearly time

I need to escape

My heart pumps in anticipation

The first notes break through the fog

The sun is shining through the curtains

I wake up