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Lucid Dream


I lay in my bed asleep

I run down a lane

Heavy breaths because of the heat

Heavy breaths, adrenalin pumping

Light streams through half-lidded eyes

Darkness crawls at the edges

My body knows I’m dreaming

My mind cannot wake up

For the briefest of moments

I am here

And there

They close in on me

It’s nearly time

I need to escape

My heart pumps in anticipation

The first notes break through the fog

The sun is shining through the curtains

I wake up

Last Night’s Last Drink


Somewhere between the seated laughs,

The frosted walks, the pulse of music,

I woke to find my last drink gone.


Gone is the mist that makes the club

Seem mystical, magical; someone

Else’s life. It is no longer that.


Now it’s my body that contorts

To unfamiliar rhythms –

My arms that bend, my spine that twists.


My face – it is my face, a stranger’s face –

I see, eyes closed in ecstasy,

Lips parted, hair – a smouldering halo.


Cinderella’s charm has lost its power.

The midnight’s gone and past.

I crawl back to my human skin. Then revelling is done.