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A moment of silence, the promise of sound,

And then! In but a breath the sky erupts

In colour and smoke and cries of delight,

Like children playing at pirates in Neverland.


The gold of the sunrise against night;

The red of the roses from the Queen’s court.

Emerald, silver, blue, purple, white,

A cloak of peacock feathers and Venetian mask.


For the briefest of seconds, nought but a trickle

Of time in an infinity of water drops,

You stand between the Rosette and Orion

A slip of a star, basking in the multitude.


Gushingly inspired by this collection of gorgeous awesome-ness.

W is for Wishes


A wish is a brief thought; delicate and ephemeral,

Like wisps of clouds against a burning sunset.

Beautiful fractals of frost on a window,

Turned rainbow crystals by the golden-grey dawn.

Here for a moment and then gone,

Trailing soundlessly the ether.


Uttered and then forgot; children of a moment,

None thinks that they come true.

And yet, under the blinking lights of a tree,

Surrounded by the sparks of fireworks,

Pressed up in hugs by familiar strangers,

We cannot help it. The words form,

They slip unheard, unseen, unfelt,

And perhaps, just once,

The magic of the days is enough

And we believe.