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Bedroom Window – Three flash stories

  1. The girl in the tower

She leaned against the window sill, heedless of the rose thorns catching on her clothes. Mother never left for long. If she was to do it, it had to be now. She looked at the drop below her. With a nervous breath, she tugged her braid inside. Maybe next time.


  1. First night

The branches scratched against the glass and, with a shudder, he pulled the blanket over his head. What a night to be left alone! With thunder booming outside and shadows dancing at every corner of the room. Some darker than they should be, he fancied. With a whimper he tried to sleep.


  1. Entry level

The bird paused in front of them. It had been walking on the windowsill uncertainly, trying to, no doubt, comprehend what it was seeing. It chirped uncertainly and took a step closer to the invisible barrier. Two streets down a car honked. Startled, the bird turned around and took off.

B is for Bows


Bows are something we tend to take for granted. Sure, they’re pretty and all, but unless they mean tangled shoelaces or extravagant gifts we tend to ignore them. Well, it’s not fair! Have you ever tried to tie a fancy bow? It’s hard! You see those heroic people at the gift wrapping section in department stores create architectural masterpieces in just under a minute with just one thin streak of fabric and until you try to copy them (and fail miserably) your default reaction is: “Ha! That’s easy!”


Case to point? I really, really, don’t enjoy having to wrap gifts…