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The Blood Moon


The Moon rose red

And we slipped through the shadows;

Like wraiths of smoke

Silently twisting.

We ducked under lights

And slipped in the Garden,

And under the nightflower bloom

We sang the old names.

The wind rolled through clouds

The thunder boomed in the east

And still we sang and danced round the tree.

If it was rain that hid us,

As we slipped back to the real,

Who was there to say

How we shone under the Blood Moon?

Strawberry Moon


It hums in my blood; the moon’s sudden madness,

Long before the bloodied sun has ever set.

Around me the people, they all can feel it,

And speak a bit louder, laugh a bit stronger,

And their movements, their movements are a dance.


The strawberry moon hums in my blood

And gladly I obey its calling.

Wrapping myself in a plethora of flowery sink,

Pinning a rose in my hair and crescent on my neck.

Tonight I shall be daring, shall not hide or blush;

I’m of the moon’s touched tonight.


I’ll swing my hips to the sound of drums

And lay against the sun-baked stones.

Long after Selena takes to sky,

I’ll draw the cards – to read under her light

What may or may not, what friends

And lovers and even foes

The summer tide will bear me;

All under the gaze of the strawberry moon.

Fever Dreams


Shapes are dancing in my eyes,

Shadows laugh and lightning cries.

Whispers scream, cold is hot,

Up is down, right is wrong.


Fever dreams haunt me tonight;

Full moon howls in clouded skies.

Come the dawn when I awake,

There’ll naught but fears a-fade.


Deep in my delirium though,

I am calm and safe and home.

None can harm me in the fire;

None can reach me is my desire.