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Milestone (200th post!!!)


Checked on the counter

And guess what I found?

Two hundred posts

With this one now!

Truly not quite the milestone

As a five year anniversary,

But hey! Go me!

I am so proud,

That I felt the need to express it

In really sucky rhyme.

So yeah, good job Bookworm,

And a big thanks to all

Who have read, or liked, or followed

For helping me roll this ball.

Internet history


It’s three o’clock again and damn!

I stayed up waaaay too late.

My brain’s officially turned into jam,

Explains the last Facebook update…

One last click, I swear, just one!

YouTube is being so funny tonight!

Not that it matters in the long run,

My project just needs that final rewrite.

Buzz Feed and Cheezburger,

Cute pet videos and lame jokes;

Procrastination, thy will is hard,

But hey! At least my Snapchat’s not…