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In which I climb my reference soapbox


Lion King is a great movie, with cool characters, fun songs, gorgeous backgrounds and the Disney stamp of approval. It is also a movie that I have heard being compared to Hamlet one too many times. Do I agree with that? Well, would I be posting about it if I agreed? Lion King reminds me of a Shakespearean play, that is true. The play in question being Richard III. So am I right? Let’s see!

Lion King Hamlet Richard III
Dead king Yes Yes
Queen still living Yes Yes
Evil uncle Yes Yes
Comic relief duo Yes
Fight scene climax Yes Yes
Monologue with a skull Yes
Uncle attempts to kill nephew Yes
Brother killing brother (for throne) Yes Yes
Land going to hell Yes
Nephew killing uncle Yes
Uncle employing unsavoury characters Yes
Annoying satellite character to the king Yes Yes
Ghost(s) Yes Yes
Happy ending Yes…sorta
Total 10 11

So, there you have it! Lion King is more like Richard III than Hamlet and the numbers agree with my (not so) humble opinion… Hmmmm, maybe I should have added “snarky villain” on the list too…

What do you think?