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In which there are endings and beginnings


Hello folks!

Hope you had a lovely festive season. Soooo….Remember how before my Winter Break (yes, it needs the capitals) hiatus every other post would be me complaining about my dissertation? Or…wait? I did that here, right? Not on Facebook? Ugh. As you can see my circuits are still pretty much fried and my short term memory is not as good as it used to be. And it was never great in the first place! Anyway, what’s with the long-winded ramble? Nothing of importance, this will not be a deep and intellectual post. I just submitted my dissertation today and I’m still giddy about it. Quite a few of my friends have been on the same boat for the past semester so as you can imagine the jokes about it abide. My favourite two:

  1. A dissertation is like a bad relationship: you want to get away but you can’t. And even if you do get away, you can’t help but go back to all the time and emotional balance lost.
  2. A dissertation is like a pregnancy: it lasts between six and nine months, it’s trying for everyone involved and everyone that knows them and the end is trying, painful and will be possibly followed by a slight depression (what am I supposed to do now?) and trying to smother the feels by eating insane amounts of junk food.

True story bro.

That much for endings. What of beginnings?

All sorts of exciting stuff! I have new classes, I’m tentatively looking at postgrad programs, I’m starting driving lessons, I’m following some people’s work on the internet, my favourite singer is preparing a new CD, I’m compiling a list of movies that I HAVE to see in the next five years (mostly because some have not even began being filmed yet coughThor3cough). And in between all this, and perhaps the best thing to start, is my writing. I’m suddenly in the mood to write again: bad poetry, fanfiction, short stories, novels…. I don’t care! I’m in the mood to write. No more scouring through my old notebooks for something to post! Fresh content will be arriving! Oh, I LOVE my life!

****half an hour of Youtube later****

Yeah, if my life was a cartoon right now, I’d be Madame Mim, Merlin would every grad-been-there-done-that-have-harder-things-to-do student and Arthur would be every person ever that’s told be “sure, cool, never heard of your subject matter before.”