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Library, Floor 2


Once more for the last time

In my regular, lake-facing desk.

The music of keyboards and rustling pages,

The quiet that speaks louder than words,

They all surround me in a comfortable haze.

Some are reviewing, some talking to friends,

Or racing perhaps to make a deadline.

Papers printed or uploaded,

One last check on the details

And a barely-there sigh of relief.


Sitting here for the last time;

For the last essay of my degree.

I will miss this loud quiet,

The mesmerising view,

The claustrophobic corridors of books

PA, PL to PQ and even the rolling stacks!

I know these selves so well,

I close my eyes and count down codes.

Malory here, Chaucer is opposite,

Go to the left and three cases down for the Grail.

Classics in a corner, mythology one floor up,

PQ was moved to 02 –Joy!


Yes, I will miss this block of concrete

That I called home away from home,

But I must move on. Write those last

Three-and-a-half thousand words,

Convert, submit.

One last assignment, one last day,

At Library, Floor 2, with my back

On N 6851 to N7292.



A moment of silence, the promise of sound,

And then! In but a breath the sky erupts

In colour and smoke and cries of delight,

Like children playing at pirates in Neverland.


The gold of the sunrise against night;

The red of the roses from the Queen’s court.

Emerald, silver, blue, purple, white,

A cloak of peacock feathers and Venetian mask.


For the briefest of seconds, nought but a trickle

Of time in an infinity of water drops,

You stand between the Rosette and Orion

A slip of a star, basking in the multitude.


Gushingly inspired by this collection of gorgeous awesome-ness.



Colourful costumes and wary looks;

Will the weather hold out?

Bags full of goodies,

Last minute shopping trips,

Jokes under the sun,

Waiting for the gang to arrive.

Laughter on the road as we walk,

Jokes and references only we get.

It’s the last few days; this is the end,

So if everything is a little brighter,

If our smiles are a little wider,

What of it?


We have our whole lives ahead.

Just let us cling to this past,

Just for a little longer.



That feeling that blankets mid-morning,

Coaxing you back to slumber

So much unlike true sleep.

Your bones of liquid lead drag you down

Your mind is heavy, yet, your thoughts fly.

This is the strange twilight time

When time is immaterial and reality an afterthought.

Reality? No, realities; so many merging together,

Descending to you in a fog.

Milestone (200th post!!!)


Checked on the counter

And guess what I found?

Two hundred posts

With this one now!

Truly not quite the milestone

As a five year anniversary,

But hey! Go me!

I am so proud,

That I felt the need to express it

In really sucky rhyme.

So yeah, good job Bookworm,

And a big thanks to all

Who have read, or liked, or followed

For helping me roll this ball.

The wind in the trees


From behind the double-glazed glass

I see their branches softly sway

To the rhythm of a symphony I cannot hear.


The wind plays his pipes,

Perched on my rooftop tonight,

And the trees are dancing.


Softly I open the window;

My chimes and dream catchers

Join the revel outside.


And the piper in grey and blue

Sits on my windowsill

And smiles.

That time again


It’s the end of an era, they tell us,

The start of an age. Again.

End, end, end; start, start, start.

Nobody thinks of the middles.

Time cannot be divided

To symmetrical shapes

Cut off the fabric of Life.

Eras do not sleep quietly,

They follow you through,

They are called…memories.

And change is no paper clip,

Hastily keeping two pieces together.

It is part of a continuum, part of a whole.

Great thoughts these, comforting even!

Then why does graduation

Still sound scary?