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Booming and ominous it rolls,

Like a forbidding elder wrapped

In a harsh, grey cloak.

I look out my window to the rain

And long to be outside.

Out where my blood pumps

In time with the patter of the rain.

Out where the wind tears through

What’s left of my body.

Out where, for a single moment,

I’ll fly and stand and swim

And simply be, just for a moment,

I will be the thunder.

Summer Rain


The thunder booms in the distance

The sky is bullet grey

There is anticipation in the silence

As birds and beasts hurry for shelter

The dryads hurriedly close up their blossoms

And the air is scented with dreams

A moment of silence

And then… the skies open





Like liquid diamonds

Envelope the world in a thin film

Of possible fantasies made real

In the half-realised second of lightning

In the meadow left of the house

Shrieking laughter resounds on the trees

Of two girls dancing wildly

In half-forgotten madness

And then run to hide away

When the rainbow crosses the sky