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I’m back! And I have more random thoughts and questions to share! Dare you tread upon the insane (and reference-ridden) mindscape that I call my own?

Well, this is what happened to the last person who did. 😉 What is it with the Halloween’d theme all of a sudden? Behave brain!

  1. How is it that when I was actively looking for clips of the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the whole of YouTube was void of them and now they’re suddenly, like, second video on the list?
  2. Why do people feel a compulsive need to ship? I mean, I do it too. Doesn’t mean I get it.
  3. Why  do shoes hurt your feet? Weren’t they invented to protect your feet from hurt? (and cold…and sharp twigs…)
  4. Why are razor replacements so expensive if the fashionable norm is to be clean-shaven?
  5. For the matter, how come guys don’t get the nifty razor heads that have shaving jell already attached to them?
  6. Can a full moon make you crazy (or turn you into a werewolf) if it’s too cloudy to see it?
  7. Why would a temperature-controlled swimming pool be too cold to be comfortable?
  8. Why would anyone leave a frying pan for over a week without washing the damn thing? It’s already soaked enough! (-glares at unnamed flatmate)
  9. Why do clouds sometimes look two-dimensional and sometimes 3-D?
  10. Why do the shops all start huge sales the day after I resolve not to spend too much from now on?
  11. Why do necromancy jokes keep popping up on my Facebook feed when I’m not even that interested on the subject?
  12. Why doesn’t anyone ever point out that according to the new movies James Kirk’s dad is frigging Thor? (DON’T TELL ME IT’S DIFFERENT UNIVERSES!)
  13. Why can’t I psychically materialise chocolate whenever I fancy it? I really, really, really want some right now!

…aaaaand I just spent 20 minutes actually trying to answer my own rhetorical questions. I think this is as good a time as any to sign out!

In which my whole world just rearranged itself


I will be the first to admit that I do not have a head for names. Not at all. Which might explain why I can go for years without knowing which actor played some of my favourite characters… Who I might be talking about? Mark Hamill, who -as I’ve veeeeery recently discovered- not only played Luke Skywalker in the original (AWESOME!) Star Wars trilogy but also the Joker in the Batman: Animated Series, Justice League, Superman: the Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures and a few others.


I mean, I know that good actors are capable of playing diverse characters, and I deeply admire them for that. But on a meta level I can’t help but wonder if that was what the Emperor meant in Return of the Jedi when he said that Luke would inevitably fall to the Dark Side. I mean we go from this:

To this:

Even in terms of vocals, you have to admit it’s a bit of a jump…. Although… if it meant a Star Wars/ DCAU crossover I would not be complaining!


What I’m trying to say is, it’s just weird when you associate a certain actor with a role to find out that he has also played something as different. I’m not saying typecasting is good, but usually you can still see hints of one performance bleeding in another, even if it’s just in your head. (Hence I cannot watch Noah without feeling the compulsion to sing the Javert’s Suicide segment from Les Miserables…) I think it’s a matter of associations, like that saying, “you never forget your first Mr. Darcy” (Colin Firth RULES!) or the original vs re-made Star Trek movies (Both! Come on! They’re both good for their own reasons! And if you’re going to whine about J. J. Abrams’ use of lens flares, then you also have to complain about that painfully long shot of the Enterprise in the first movie. Each decade has its gimmicks.)


Although, I have to wonder…has anyone done a dub of the old Star Wars with Luke’s lines being replaced with those of the Joker? Because, I’d love to see that!





P.S. This post had -OF COURSE- nothing to do with me procrastinating on my work. No, officer! Not at all!