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Sands of Time chapter 11


Author’s note: Hey friends! Bit of a rarity this one. I actually wrote it while playing the proper episode on my laptop. I know a few things are off (obviously, AU and all that) but what can you do. Not sure who the title refers to. Could be Yami Bakura, could be Kaiba… I’m actually thinking of writing a few chapters of other pairing in-universe. Thoughts?

***And I think you should know this/You deserve much better than me***

Travelling through Noah’s virtual world on a van was one of the most bizarre and at the same time dull experiences in Yugi’s life. He took a moment to look at his company, all of them wary of their latest encounter with the Big Five. Ryou was comforting Serenity. The poor girl had been the most shaken from all these life-or-death situations they had been put through the last few days, especially after the loss of Tristan. Yami Bakura was sitting next to his hikari with Elena on his side, facing the road they were leaving behind. Duke and Joey were riding at the front. In fact, the only one missing was Tea. After they had tried –and failed– to convince Kaiba to stay with them instead of going after Mokuba on his own, the dancer of the group had ran after him.


“Diabound!” the sudden cry tore everyone out of their thoughts. They turned to see Yami Bakura standing, effortlessly balancing on the still moving car. His monster was charging in battle, against four of the Big Five who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Joey hit the brakes and jumped out of his seat, already drawing a monster of his own from his Duel Disk, followed by the rest of the duelists on the group. Soon Dark Magician, Flame Swordsman and Dark Necrofear (courtesy of Ryou) joined him.

“This won’t hold them for long,” Duke said, frowning at his lack of a duel disk. “We need to get out of here.”

“I second that,” Joey winced as his Flame Swordsman was punched out by the Judgeman. “Everyone, back in the car!” The others climbed hurriedly back in the truck, as Dark Magician and Dark Necrofear were also taken out.

“Hurry it up mortal,” Bakura grunted as Diabound also disappeared. “Monster Reborn!” he snarled and Diabound reappeared growing a little bigger in response to its master’s rage. Just as it went berserk on the four monsters facing them, Joey got the car running and slammed the gas pedal, causing everyone to topple over and Bakura to let out a rather impressive litany of curse words in English and Ancient Egyptian.


The Big Five, now Big Four surrounded the speeding car, and Lector used Jinjo’s laser to topple it over, sending everyone flying. Ryou felt a familiar ghost pain flare in his arm and turned worriedly at his Yami. Akefia’s face was blank, but the bandage in his arm was soaking red and more blood was trailing down from under it.

Are you alright? He asked through their link, knowing how much Akefia hated people fussing over him.

Fine, came the curt answer, even as Diabound disappeared with a pained moan.

“Alright,” Tristan said nervously from his perch on Serenity’s arms. “Who has a plan B?”

“I am afraid there will be no loopholes this time,” Johnson said smugly. “Your bodies belong to us.”

“Oh yeah?” Joey retorted. “I’d like to see you try!”


The four businessmen/Duel Monsters took a few steps forward. Elena grabbed Akefia’s deck, the man’s indignant shout swallowed by Joey’s panicky yelp.

“Please tell me you have a light monster somewhere in there,” she told her lover, hurriedly going through the cards. He shook his head.

“You know they don’t really work for me,” he answered. “Now give my cards back.”

“As if you are in any condition to fight,” she snorted but nevertheless slid the cards back in place.

“What are we going to do?” Serenity asked scared.

“How about we make a run for it while they’re fighting?” Ryou offered, gesturing at the squabbling foursome and quickly shut his mouth when they turned to glare at him as one.

“You and your big mouth Landlord,” Bakura rolled his eyes, pushing the boy behind him and gesturing to Elena to stay close as well. The rest of the group crowded around them, too scared to make a move, though Yugi’s fingers twitched towards his deck.

“Attention fools!” A voice announced suddenly. “This game is over!”  Out of a bright light Noah appeared in the sky, looking annoyed beyond belief. He began berating the four men, ignoring their frantic excuses with impatience. “Gentlemen you are all dismissed!” he declared, conjuring a sand-twister and wiping them away. “No one breaks my rules and gets away with it!”


The stunned silence that followed was broken by Bakura as he sat heavily against the toppled over truck, light-headed from the blood loss and the double summoning of Diabound.

“Yami!” Ryou exclaimed as he sat next to him, trying to grab a hold of the Thief’s arm and wincing when a jolt of pain ran through both of them when Akefia jerked away.

“I’m fine!” he snapped.

“Not for much longer,” Joey raised an eyebrow, pointing at the amount of red staining both his arm and the ground next to him.

“Joey’s right,” Yugi nodded. “We need to treat this quickly.”

“Let me have a look.” Elena gently took Akefia’s arm and unraveled to soaked bandage. With a huff he relaxed in her hold.

“Just get it over with,” he grunted, closing his eyes. Elena smiled at him, even though he couldn’t see it and summoned her Ka. A shimmering gold aura surrounded her hand and she gently touched the wound, healing it instantly. The gang watched amazed as the color returned to Akefia’s face and he opened his eyes to inspect his arm.

“Heh!” he raised an eyebrow at her. “You’re getting better and better at this. Not even a scar.”

“Yeah,” Elena answered crossing her arms. “I wonder where all the practice came from.”

“How did you do that?” Duke exclaimed stunned. Elena opened her mouth to explain, but Akefia cut her off.

“We’ve got company,” he said, rising to his feet in one fluid motion and pointing at the two figures approaching them.

“It’s Tea!” Yugi said relieved to see his friend.

“And Rich-Boy,” Joey mumbled frowning.


Tea ran towards her friends, relieved to find everyone still in one piece after the snapshot of battle she had seen in Noah’s office.

“I guess the action never stops,” she chuckled as she exchanged a hug with Serenity.

“You can say that again!” the younger girl laughed back. Tea surveyed the group one last time before turning her attention to Kaiba. She had ran after him without a second thought and now she couldn’t deny her worry as he stared at the picture they had found at the abandoned mansion.

“Kaiba,” she said, approaching him hesitantly. “Do you think what Noah said might be true?”

“Noah’s story is nothing but a big lie,” Kaiba scoffed. “This picture and the supposed conversation he showed us should have taken place six years ago.” Tea’s eyes widened in realization as the rest of the group crowed around them to look at the picture.

“I don’t get it,” Ryou said frowning. “You mean Noah hasn’t aged in six years?”


Can vei la lauzeta mover & Tristrant muose sunder dane


Συνεχίζοντας το… Αγιοβαλεντινιάτικο θέμα της εβδομάδας, επιχείρησα να μεταφράσω δύο ποιήματα από το σημερινό σεμινάριο. Η αγγλική μετάφραση στην  οποία βασίστικα βρήσκεται εδω.

Can vei la lauzeta mover

1. Όταν βλέπω τον κορυδαλλό να πετάει

Γεμάτος χαρά προς το φως,

Και να ξεχνιέται και να πέφτει

Από την γλυκύτητα που γεμίζει την καρδιά του,

Α! Πόσο ζηλεύω

Όταν βλέπω τους μακάριους!

Δεν ξέρω γιατί η καρδιά μου

Από τον πόθο δεν λιώνει.


2. Αλί! Πόσα νόμιζα πως ήξερα

Για την αγάπη, και πόσο λίγα ξέρω!

Γιατί δεν μπορώ να μην αγαπήσω

Αυτή που δεν θ’ανταποκρίνει τα αισθήματα μου.

Έκλεψε την καρδιά μου και όλο μου το είναι

Και όλα όσα είναι και όλο τον κόσμο –

Κι αφότου με λήστεψε, δεν μου άφησε τίποτα

Εκτός από πόθο και μια καρδιά που λαχταρά.


3. Ναι, δεν μου ανήκει ο εαυτός μου,

Και δεν μου άνηκε από την στιγμή

Που στα μάτια της με άφησε να κοιτάξω,

Σ’ένα καθρέφτη που μ’αρέσει.

Καθρέφτη, από τότε που είδα τον εαυτό μου σε σένα,

Οι αναστεναγμοί με σκοτώνουν,

Κι έχασα τον εαυτό μου όπως

Ο όμορφος Νάρκισσος χάθηκε στην πηγή.


4. Οι γυναίκες μου προκάλεσαν μεγάλη δυστυχία.

Καμιά τους ποτέ δεν θα εμπιστευθώ.

Κι ακόμα κι αν κάποτε γι’αυτές πολεμούσα,

Από αυτή την στιγμή αποστατώ,

Μιας και καμιά τους δεν θα με βοηθήσει

Ενάντια σ’αυτή που με καταστρέφει.

Απελπισία και δυσπιστία για όλες τους,

Γιατί το ξέρω, είναι όλες τους ίδιες!


5. Κι έτσι η καλή μου φαίρεται σαν “γυναίκα”

(Δικό της το λάθος!)

Γιατί δεν επιθυμεί ό,τι ένας άντρας επιθυμεί

Κι οτιδήποτε αυτός της απαγορεύει, αυτή το κάνει.

Έχω πέσει από την επιείκεια.

Φέρθηκα σαν μωρός,

Και δεν ξέρω το γιατί:

Ήταν τα όνειρα μου πολύ μεγάλα;


6. Όλη η χάρη έχει χαθεί –αλήθεια-

(Κι ούτε καν την ένοιωσα!)

Μιας και αυτή που θα έπρεπε να την έχει

Δεν έχει καθόλου, που θα την βρω λοιπόν;

Α! Πόσο φριχτό (αν την βλέπατε)

Που αυτή που της ανήκει αυτός ο σκλάβος της αγάπης

Που τίποτα κάλο δεν θα έχει χωρίς αυτήν

Με αφήνει να πεθάνω, δεν με βοηθάει καθόλου.


7. Αφού προσευχές, ευχαριστίες, και τα δικαιώματα μου

Δεν μπορούν να μου χαρίσουν την Κυρά μου,

Κι αφού δεν νοιάζεται καθόλου

Που την αγαπάω, ποτέ δεν θα της το πω.

Όχι,  θα την εγκαταλείψω, θα την παραδώσω.

Με δολοφόνησε. Σαν τους νεκρούς μιλάω.

Φεύγω μακριά αφού αυτή δεν με κρατάει

Αποθαρρυμένα, σε εξορία, δεν ξέρω που.


8. Τριστάνε, τίποτα άλλο δικό μου δεν θα πάρεις.

Φεύγω μακριά, αποθαρρυμένος, δεν ξέρω που.

Άλλο τραγούδι δεν θα ξαναγράψω.

Κρύβω τον εαυτό μου από αγάπη και χαρά.


Tristrant muose sunder dane

Ο Τριστάνος στεκόταν, χωρίς χαρά,

Ανάμεσα στης Ισόλδης τους πιστούς,

Γιατί η υποταγή στο μαγικό το φίλτρο

Είναι δυνατότερη ακόμα κι απ’την αγάπη.

Γι’αυτό αγαπημένη μου πρέπει να με’φχαρισείς

Γιατί το φίλτρο ποτέ δεν ήπια,

Κι όμως η αγάπη μου είναι δυνατή,

Καλύτερη απ’την δική του, αν είναι δυνατόν.

Όμορφη κόρη,

Χωρίς ψευτιά,

Θ’ανήκω σε σένα

Αν μ’αγαπάς αληθινά.