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I have an evil plan!


Or at least it would seem so, wouldn’t it? Just look at this beautiful, colourful, paper-y chaos!

Every evil genius needs their planning tools.

Every evil genius needs their planning tools.


A looooooot of tools!

Heh, I remember, back in high school, one of my teachers telling me off for -apparently- paying more attention in making my notes pretty and colourful than the lesson. She was kind of right, honestly. I only took Economics because I needed the credit, bu she was also wrong. I like colour-coding things. It makes them easier to remember. In elementary school (when books still have pretty pictures to go with the texts) I could remember better text surrounded by colour. That and the highlighter bug I think I caught from my mother. She was the one to teach me the difference between turning the page a different colour and actually highlighting the most important point.

So here I am, more than a decade later, almost compulsively taking multi-coloured and badly illustrated notes on all important modules. The beautiful chaos on these pictures is me trying to cobble together my thoughts and ideas for my thesis into something that makes sense to someone that does not have a psychic link with me. My supervisor advised me to make the outline in the form of a map in order to see how the different points I’m trying to make connect to one another. The end result is something like this:

A map alright. A map of the multiverse if you will.

A map alright. A map of the multiverse if you will.

I’m going to attempt and turn this to the standard bullet-point format but I am not sure I’ll manage. The thing is, as confusing (and frustrating at times) it was to make my little diagram (little, ha! That’s an A3 paper, baby!), when I look at it, it makes sense. Starting from the centre and moving outwards and clockwise, coming back to certain points again and again, I suppose it’s as close to an illustration of my thought process as I can get while remaining confined in two dimensions. Yeah, remember those awesome hologram things Tony Stark has in the MCU (that I will not even try to pretend I understand the “science” of)? Boy, would they have can in handy when I was working on this. Or the dangle-y paper thingies Megamind used. Really, the third (and fourth) dimensions are not used nearly enough. Also, once more, all together: What is it with me and crazy/evil geniuses?

Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll figure it out. Until then let us all be thankful I stuck with literature instead of the sciences. In the immortal words of the Big Bang Theory:

I may not have Sheldon’s IQ but… -cue the ominous music-

Fictional Li(v)es


Sometimes I miss those years long gone,

When one book’s word was Gospel.

When people were just good or bad,

When morals were no concept.


But, pity me! I loved my books,

Perhaps more than there was reason.

I read and read and through their eyes

I saw the golden lines

That tie one’s lies to another’s truth.


A story’s not alive unless told,

But never two tellings are the same.

The crinkle of paper, the smell of ink,

The only constants in a mad dream.


The knight in black armour that as a girl,

I was both frightened and allured by,

Now to a woman he returns, still same,

Now called an archetype.


Animus, Trickster, Shadow self,

Serpent and Traitor, Villain, Antihero,

What does it matter what he’s called?

He haunts my every step, my djinn familiar.


From midnight’s furtive reads

To bookstore chance encounters

To hidden corners in a library,

Reading lists, modules, projects.


Some have to search for what their calling is,

Mine has been ramming at my door.

In the end all stories need be told

And even the condemned do need a voice.

N is for Naughty and Nice


Dear Santa,

…I can explain? Um, thing is, I’m not sure on which end of the spectrum I’m on this year…. I tried to be nice (mostly) but I couldn’t help finding that naughty was more fun. It’s not my fault, not really. People just don’t get me. And I know I have anger issues, but I’ve been working on it, I swear! So what if I blew up the downtown bank again? It’s practically a seasonal requirement by now, and anyway that queue was taking far too long. And the department store robbery? I’ve been short on cash and with so many henchmen and evil minions to buy presents for, I found that I had to look into alternative methods of shopping. The hallucinogen mince pies were an accident, I admit. I was going to save that for Valentine’s Day. Now I’ll just have to settle for truth serum-laced chocolates. As for my non-seasonal activities, they are all part of my job. And if you ask my army of doom, they only have good things to say for me! I made sure of it. So, could you maybe, just this once, stretch the definition of nice? I would really like a new death ray for my secret headquarters. And possibly a brownie tray. I’ve been baking far too much for the recruitment fairs.



(Evil Overlady)