UPDATE 9/2/2016: Back in the uploading business, but with no schedule set in stone so far. Might go back to my old one, might come up with something new. We’ll see…


UPDATE 23/10/2015: On temporary hiatus until my degree stops eating up my life. See you all soon (hopefully)!


So here is my current schedule which will hopefully bring some order in my chaotic world…

Fanfic Moday: In which there will be updates on whatever fanfic I’m currently revising/writing.

In which Tuesday: Ramblings about whatever has happened lately to get me to think, gush or rage.

Arts-y Thursday: Uploads of my original work, be it poetry, prose or translation.

Reviewing Saturday: Books, movies, music albums, coffee shops… Whatever new I’ve sunk my teeth in this week. 😉

I will probably not be uploading the other days as I do have a life outside the internet and way too many projects going at the same time to focus exclusively on this. Not that this will not change sometime in the future…

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